A Visual Studio project which shows how to use the Entity Framework in an ASP.NET Web Forms web application project, using the Database First workflow and the EntityDataSource control. The code illustrates the following topics:

For handling concurrency using the EntityDataSource, see version 2 of this project. For tutorials that show you how to create the project, see Getting Started with the Entity Framework.

Getting Started

To build and run this sample, you must have Visual Studio 2010 installed. Unzip the or file into your Visual Studio Projects directory (My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects) and open the ContosoUniversity.sln solution.

Running the Sample

To run the sample, hit F5 or choose the Debug | Start Debugging menu command. You will see the home page which includes a menu bar.

From this page you can select any of the tabs to perform various actions such as display a list of students, add new students, display a list of courses, and so forth.

Source Code Overview

The ContosoUniversity folder includes the following folders and files